Perfect Aquarium

by Perfect Aquarium

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We are all Perfect Aquarium


released September 3, 2015

Liam Bernard: Lead & Classical Guitar
Ben Saldich: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Isaac Roth: Bass, Vocals
Frank Klopotowski: Drums, Vocals

Vocals on "Infinitesimal" by Ella Garcia

Written, recorded, and produced by Perfect Aquarium
Recorded at Sleepy Wizard Studios
Engineered by Akiyoshi Ehara
Mixed and mastered by John Schimpf at 25th Street Recording

Special thanks to...
Akiyoshi Ehara, John Schimpf, Ella Garcia, Chris Solberg, David Roth, Debbie Reed, Karin Hardison, Tracey Cosgrove, Rita Haronian, John Klopotowski, John Stansbury, Alan Saldich, Kendall Murphy, Jasmine Stade, and Nina.



all rights reserved


Perfect Aquarium Oakland, California

We are all Perfect Aquarium.

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Track Name: Crown
I come drenched in red, my fingers are numb
I'm blinded by sight, Don't know where I'm from
This crown on my head, while tears fall like rain
Don't know wrong from right, but can sense their pain

When I first appeared, they cried and fell down, the first time that they had seen my eyes
As my time drew near, they waited for my crown, the inception of future goodbyes

I'm bathed in white cloth, yet naked inside
Her blood doesn't taint, but also is mine
The feeling of loss, it touches my core
Beloved as a saint, an undeserved lore

When I first appeared, they cried and fell down, the first time that they had seen my eyes
As my time drew near, they waited for my crown, the inception of future goodbyes

This life that we share, is euphoric pain
It's drowned by my voice, they call out my name
I'm breathing their air, now for the first time
It wasn't my choice, that their world is mine
Track Name: Sun
When I look up at the sun, my tears melt away
I don’t care about tomorrow, only today
theres nothing to be done, you always provide
No question, just follow, with you as my guide

I know that where you are is where I belong
You’re the one who builds my life to teach me right from wrong

My need for you is strong, you're my life and blood
with your guidance a flower, will bloom from this bud
you can be always found, and youre always there
without you i’d be scared, like no one would care

I know that where you are is where I belong
You’re the one who builds my life to teach me right from wrong

I can’t believe the world’s so good
I finally am understood
you are the one that made me be
You are the one that set me free
I didn’t know that love is true
Up until I encountered you
Track Name: Choose a Flower (Parts I & II)
You take my hand, I’m feeling dumb
We make up much more than our sum
You pick a flower for carnation
Does this mean I’m the chosen one?
Reject, refuse, resist resistance
New confidence to run the distance
A deferential calculation
Are you asking me to come?

I Take your hand, and my fingers are numb (but are you really free?)
Now I alone make up our sum (but stop and dive with me)
I pick a flower for carnation (that grows into a tree)
Does this mean you’re the chosen one? (or just the one for me?)
Resist, refuse, reject resistance (you don’t have to agree)
Your confidence to run the distance (is a confidence in me)
A deferential calculation (that I have made for thee)
Am I asking you to come? (or become part of me?)

You tell me that you think it's time
Time to throw your past behind
Do you expect to make this climb? (When we can't even breathe)
But this is your mistake, not mine (and soon, conjoined, we'll grieve)
Track Name: Onism
Haven’t I become
That which I desire
To God, I am none
I, myself, deserve more
To be
one of
The Known
To Have
it all
is all
I want

I stand in a room
full of mirrors
Close the windows
to see just what I want to be, and with
Each step I take its just
another loss
And I end up staring at my hands again

Could I possibly know
All that I have missed,
lost metamorphosis,
now i’m left with myself
to be
one of
the pure
To do
it all
is all
I want

I stand on an endless beach
of white sand, with the
wind blowing cold
under my feet again, as it
blows a grain into my open
palm, and the
face of my hand holds my everything
Track Name: Euphoric Tsunami
As I soar on the wings of an eagle
waves beckoning to me
and they drench me with how i should feel
euphoric tsunami
This contentment idyllic and burning
Like sun amidst blue skies
for wisdom, Ive always been yearning
now I open my eyes

I appreciate
I evaporate

I’m Rising and falling and drifting
each image so fleeting
As I summit the current’s uplifting
I’ve given them meaning
As the sun rays start bringing me higher
spiritual procession
a Resonant power now burns like a fire
my Conscious expansion

I appreciate
I evaporate
I demodulate
I evaporate
Track Name: Omniscience
This is the fork in the road, all has led to this
Diverge into infinity, Devour your consequences

Tongue of the snake
The Spectrum of struggle

This is the peak of the wave

Twist and turn
Contort your experience
Bend your time

forever wonder
How deep do you have to dive?
To immerse within yourself

Prod your way through the barrier
Devour your consequences

Twisting and turning
Thick and contorting
The path moves with hunger for more

Hunger that earthly knowledge will not satisfy
Misdirection had consequences
Misguiding was inevitable
Yet I am free

The way is varied
The way is open
with each breath, I pry myself into the light
in each fleeting second it becomes clear

My mind is weak,
however stronger than it ever was
abandon the unfathomable complexities
content with my universal illiteracy,

satisfied with my Inexperience,
I live in perfect simplicity
I am all that I am

faith that my shielded body Will preserve my path
Come to the spear
Come to the sacred one

Find the fork, Find the split
Find yourself amidst the dark
Find your new form
Escape that which holds you

Towards the infinite one
I follow the birds and the bees
I follow the skies and the sea
I follow no one but myself
I become you
You, the glorious and complete
Who lives without life
Who may never perish
Who sustains us

How can we be so vain as to not accept our unity?
How could I have not understood that we all end the same?
We are all the same

We are one
We are all
We are power
We are rage

We are beauty
We are strength
We are suffering
We are peace
We are passion
We are wisdom
We are kindness
We are love

We are infinite
We are nothing